PayDay Loan

Is your Salary ? Wages always coming late ?

Payday Loan:                                                                                                                                              In a situation of a delay in the payment of salary or wages, you can apply for a quick loan to pay of all bills. It is usually a little amount, we can offer for a minimum loan amount of $5,000 and a maximum loan amount of $500,000.

The interest rate is fixed and the same as other (6.5% interest rate per year).


6.5% Interest Rate

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About Payday Loan

It is the fastest loan to apply for, you can apply and get the loan within 48 hours of application.

Requirement for a Payday Loans
  • Be sure of the amount you want to borrow
  • Have your valid identification card ready (It could be: an international passport, working identity card, driver's license or national identity card
  • Your proof of income, it could be your payslip or bank account statement
  • A proof of address
  • If you have this information, then you are eligible to apply

Gold Loan Eligibility

Age Limit The applicant should be min 21 years & max. 65 years.
Income Business should be profit making at least for the past 3 years
Turnover $5000 p.a. should be the minimum annual income
Co-applicants Business should be profit making at least for the past 2 years
Audited We accept only audited financials by CA.
Cash flow On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation.
Type of the Business Proprietorship, Partnership, Pvt.Ltd. or Public Ltd.

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