Insurance Consulting

The insurance department is a new manager in this company (the lead union). These are the reasons why we introduced the company’s policies:
Many customers always give us wrong information and they always lead to cheating the loan department
Some customers flee after obtaining the loan amount, so you must insure the management of loans.
(And this all led to a loss of the company a lot of money).
Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), also known as credit insurance, secured credit protection, or secured loan repayment, is an insurance product that enables the lender to ensure payment of credit
The insurance fee is the fee that will be provided to us by the lender. Because this is a online loan process, we must be secured because of:
If the customer goes bankrupt
If the customer becomes ill or disabled
If the client loses a job or faces other circumstances that may prevent them from earning income for their debt service
In case the customer dies
In case of fraud
We at the insurance department will have to insure your loan before your loan is sent.
Please note:
Your loan can not be sent without insurance on it
A small percentage of your loan is required to pay you before the loan is sent to you
Our insurance department is responsible for determining insurance fees
We work in separate departures, different from the loans department
It can not be added to the amount of insurance or removed from the loan amount, but it is against the principle of our work completely
The insurance fees are as follows:
1-type loan
2. Loan amount
3. Loan years or amount that you are able to pay monthly after receiving the loan
We promise you by God that you will receive the loan after hours of paying insurance fees